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Recently my sister in law, Nel van Holst, is diagnosed with the disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) which is a disorder that affects the of nerves and muscles. Unfortunately there is no cure available, which means that people with this disorder will die within approx. 3 years’ time. In the Netherlands about 1,500 people are diagnosed with ALS.
The research budgets of the pharmaceutical industry and the government hardly address any research for this horrible disease. The Foundation ALS Nederland is raising money which is donated for almost the fully 100% to do research for finding a cure and to slow down this aggressive disorder. My sister in law is determined to support the Foundation ALS Nederland and is supported by her family members & friends. Since then we have been organizing all kinds of events to collect money and we are determined to continue. Not only for our sister in law but also for all other people that are or will be diagnosed with ALS.

The Foundation Tour du ALS organizes the so called “Tour du ALS” event. During this yearly event many cyclists, runners and hikers are climbing the mountain “Mont Ventoux” to raise money which will goes directly to the Foundation ALS Nederland.  At the same time the journey to this event, including climbing the mountain, is our way of sharing love, compassion and enjoy time together. Myself and 5 other family members & friends are climbing the “Mont Ventoux”.
For the “Tour du ALS” I am looking for sponsors (individuals and companies) who support me and my family in raising money that can be directly donated through clicking on the button left "geef een gift".
In preparation of the “Tour du ALS” I will participate at least 4 running events, among those the Zevenheuvelenloop and the Bruggenloop (both 15KM), City Pier City run (1/2 Marathon) and the Rotterdam Marathon (42,192 KM). During these runs and the Tour du ALS (21 KM up hill)  companies & individuals can sponsor me and in return I will put their name and/or logo on my shirt.

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